How to like yourself when someone clearly doesn’t like you!

When someone just doesn’t like you – even though you’ve been kind to them – it’s a tough pill to swallow.

When someone creates a story about you – misjudges your intentions, talks about you behind your back or blackballs you from your own friends and family – it’s a really hard pill to swallow.

Your reactions are all over the map: You want to lash out; You want to convince them to see you for who you really are; You want to understand what you did that offended them on such a visceral level that this is their response. Maybe you’ve even asked them, “What in the heck did I do to you?”

And yet they refuse to discuss it with you.

This, my friend is called the classic “screwing with your mind.”

Don’t let it get to you anymore! Don’t fall for it! Not a moment longer!

You need to remember that the person you’re dealing with isn’t caught up obsessively thinking about you, but here you are giving them your power by offering them free rent in your head!

Stop the insanity by getting to the bottom of the situation. Ask yourself a few honest questions:

Did you—in fact—intentionally hurt the person in question?

If you did hurt them in a moment of insanity, rage or insensitivity, have you tried to make amends to them, and they refuse to accept your apology? Often, it is our actions after the event that have the most lasting impact. And sometimes, it is just not time yet to get complete with this person. Main thing is to be aware of what is happening. Then you can place this event in the best context.

If you didn’t hurt them intentionally, but during a “brain freeze mind fart,” (which we all have from time to time) unintentionally offended them, have you attempted to clean up your side of the street?

Have you made an effort to explain what happened–because we are after all human, and can get a bit sloppy, even when our intentions are good? If the answer is no, then get busy – set up a time to have a vulnerable and transparent conversation with them, in an effort to understand what they’re feeling, and the willingness to make it right to the best of your ability. You not only owe them that much, you owe that much to yourself.

Then get off it!

Whatever the answers to the above questions are, you need to get off the insane, emotional roller-coaster and forgive yourself for your imperfections. Then appreciate the people in your life who love you enough, are centered enough and emotionally mature enough to work out with you whatever problem comes up.

That’s what sane, grounded, mature grownups do!

Bless the person in question, and move the heck on with your beautiful, peaceful and abundant life.

And remember beloved, that your light is just too dang bright for a lot of folks – and they will find any reason to not like you. It’s not your fault, you’re just too beautiful—and they’re so wounded, they can’t see how beautiful they are, so they certainly can’t see how beautiful you are – and they falsely believe that you’re the one blocking their light…

Stay beautiful!



One thought on “How to like yourself when someone clearly doesn’t like you!

  1. Thank you so much for this. It happens to be exactly the place in my soul growth that I am currently having problems in. My dream is to go to ministerial school and I have shared that info with others. So, here it was, OUT THERE….OUT LOUD. Then one day I got completely scared. What makes me think I CAN do this. I guess I stated looking at others for the answer. Well, as in the past, you just answered that vfor me.
    Thank you,
    With all my love and light
    Ambassador Co-chair
    Christ Church Unity


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