A Promising New Path for Life-Patterns Out of Control…

We are surrounded by news of obsessive behaviors: drug addiction, acute procrastination, deep-ingrained insecurities and more. For far too long, the solutions have been limited in scope and efficacy. Recovery Coach Ester Nicholson has created something that truly makes a difference in this context: A promising new path to healing the root causes of dependence.

The approach incorporates the 12-Steps, by extending—and “spiritualizing”—their application to areas well outside of normal current practice. In many respects, it returns the 12-Steps of Recovery to their spiritual roots. Because recovery is necessarily a spiritual endeavor.

Through her difficult life story, Ester had to “bootstrap” her own healing. Now, it is her mission to share and educate, to speak and to teach. And to help those who most need her guidance and direction. Thousands have been served.

This site reveals some of the current projects that Ester is engaged in. Please look around and learn more about this extraordinary individual. She is the rare example of self-realization in the context of the challenges of life.

7 thoughts on “A Promising New Path for Life-Patterns Out of Control…

  1. Ester, I’m looking forward to connecting with you at Creative Living Fellowship here in Phoenix next Sunday!


  2. Hi Ester, I am so grateful I got to see you at Unity Church in Mesa, AZ. You are such an inspiration to us all. I am looking forward to my journey of healing and forgiveness using your book as my guide. Bright blessings to you.


    1. Sharon, my deepest apologies for the delay in my response. The counseling sessions are for one hour via zoom video for $250. After the session you will receive a copy of the video to support you in continuing with the process. Please email me at ester@esternicholson.com to set up some time together.




  3. Hi Ester. I read your book on a flight from Tenerife (Spain) to London. It was a 4 & a half hour flight & I was so moved by your book that I cried for most of the flight! It was the first book that totally resonated with me & made total sense (re:my addiction, crack & heroin). I’m familiar with the 12 steps through meetings & rehab over the years (I’m 57 years old), but have never completed the steps. I so much prefer your spiritual steps. the moment I am mostly on a subutex script. Do you know anyone in the uk who could help & work with me please? I live in London. I really feel that I’m ready but I just need some support. Thank you so much. Isabella


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