“Having been a professional singer for the better part of my adult life, with a fair amount of success. I think I know when I hear an original voice. Ester Nicholson has all the essential qualities of greatness. A unique tone, wonderful phrasing, emotional flexibility and passion. In a nutshell the girl’s got soul…” – Rod Stewart

“The first time I heard Ester Nicholson sing, I cried like a baby. The term angelic is thrown around so easily, but when it comes to Ester, she truly does have the voice of an angel. This new CD of hers is so much fun to listen to and has a healing quality rarely found in today’s music. I recommend this beautiful CD – Child Above the Sun – to anyone who loves good, soulful music and a powerful, moving vocalist combined…” – Brenda Russell (Grammy Nominated Recording Artist and Toni Award Winning Songwriter)


Ester Nicholson’s Child Above the Sun

“A personal and powerful musical statement that will change the world…” – The Soul Music Foundry

Spanning from Gospel to jazz-influenced R&B, Ester Nicholson’s Child Above the Sun traces an extraordinary journey – from destitution and addiction to prosperity and self-realization.

This collection of songs, from writers as diverse as “Agape’s” Rickie Byars-Beckwith to “Color Purple’s” Brenda Russell, is a beautifully produced, sophisticated CD that overflows with personal authenticity and heart.

An extraordinary artist who has performed with everyone from Rod Stewart to Bette Midler, Ester is a demonstration that no person is beyond redemption and that life-changing renewal is possible for everyone – regardless of personal history or current circumstance.

Audio Tracks:

Make Me Stronger:

Never Be the Same:

One Heart:

Everything Must Change:

Child Above the Sun:

How Great You Are:

Sending Up My Timber:

Forever Young:

What Would Love Do Now:

Your Face: