Healing Bias and Racism in Recovery

Ester Nicholson

Ester Nicholson is a spiritual teacher, author and facilitator conducting healing workshops for those struggling with addiction and dependence in all its forms. Her unique process, Soul Recovery, has transformed thousands since its inception more than a decade ago. Ester bridges the gap between the 12 Steps of Recovery, spiritual practices and healing modalities into a process that addresses the root causes of obsessive, unconscious behaviors—promoting rigorous healing within an environment of kindness and understanding.

The Workshop…
  • Origins of racist beliefs
  • The trauma of racism
  • Family ties that bind
  • Unconscious drivers
  • Stepping into the authentic self and your true identity
  • Ready to be of maximum service to ALL you serve
  • You are your brother’s & sister’s keeper – The power of oneness

Our Offerings:
  • In-Person and Online Classes
  • Aftercare Outpatient Programs
  • Clinician/Staff and Resident Workshops
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Retreats
Workshop with Ester

The process of recovery requires an environment of safety and honesty. Consider how the life-long experience of racism impacts that sense of safety…

Ester Nicholson at Father Martin’s Ashley

Racism is a Soul-Sickness that can only be healed at the level of our deepest identity….

The very nature of addiction has its foundation in spiritual and emotional dysfunction, which results in hard-wired attachments to a false sense of identity. This illusory version-of-self has resulted in habitual and destructive patterns that out-picture as addictions of all kinds, as well as unconscious—yet systemic—racism in recovery focused organizations and treatment centers. Soul Recovery bridges the gap between the 12 Steps of Recovery and other powerful, practical and effective healing modalities, permitting participants and organizations to access the tools needed to address this difficult and challenging issue.

Workshop Celebration!

The unique nature of trauma caused by generations of racist practices.

When unconscious bias and racism is embodied as “business-as-usual” in the operations of recovery communities and organizations, it impacts everyone – administrators, clinicians, staff, volunteers, and most importantly those who come to us for help.

We cannot heal the problem of systemic bias and racism in our communities until the subjective emotional programming of “otherness” has been addressed. We do not have freedom in our thinking or action if our hearts and minds have been unconsciously indoctrinated with racist beliefs on a familial, generational and ancestral level.

Without addressing the invisible and undifferentiated beliefs we carry about people and situations, the “addiction” to bias and racism (addiction = a tethered, attached or habitual pattern) cannot be addressed. Racist beliefs are too often the ultimate decision maker as to whom we befriend, whom we accept as equal, whom we hire —or even whom we deem “worthy” of quality care and attention.

What is Soul Recovery?

Soul Recovery™ outlines a step-by-step process by which we uncover the essential truth that each of us are whole and complete expressions of Life – no matter what our history or experience might suggest.

This unique process melds powerful spiritual teachings, healing modalities and the 12-Step recovery process into a program that sustainably heals challenges of addiction and dependence, childhood trauma, unworthiness, abandonment, shame, rejection, guilt and other influences that are incongruent with our essential identity as worthy and powerful individuals. By healing these challenges, we free ourselves to reveal our highest potential in all areas of life: personal, professional and spiritual.

“The authenticity of the soul, which knows no bounds or separation – that loves all as one – is the answer to every question and the solution to every problem”

Ester Nicholson

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