Ester Nicholson at Father Martin's Ashley, Sunday, September 20, 2015.
Ester Nicholson at the Ashley Treatment Center

Inspirational Speaker

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Ester Nicholson is “the real deal,” a dynamic speaker, and a testimony of the principles of recovery from which she lives and delivers her powerful key-note speaking engagements.

“We are standing at a ‘recovery moment’ in our history. As individuals, families, companies, organizations, communities—and even as a nation—we require a healthy balance between integrity and accountability, on the one hand, and a compassionate understanding of our unique, inherent power and creative capacity—so we can grow, improve and thrive, on the other.

This is the challenge of our time: to step up to our own personal and professional excellence with an equal measure of heart, for a world that desperately needs our healing attention.” – Ester Nicholson


Scarlet Gleeson, Executive Director. FED UP! Coalition:

“I have seen many well-known motivational speakers over the years, but Ester Nicholson’s message of hope and empowerment was by far one of the most moving deliveries I have ever heard. She captivated the audience and inspired us with humility and grace. And for the grand finale she belted out her words of wisdom in a spirited song that will ring in our hearts forever.”

Rod Stewart:

“Having been a professional singer for the better part of my adult life, with a fair amount of success, I think I know when I hear an original voice. Ester Nicholson has all the essential qualities of greatness, a unique tone, wonderful phrasing, emotional flexibility and passion. In a nutshell the girlʼs got soul.”

Michael Beckwith, founder of Agape International Spiritual Center:

“Soul Recovery is a Godsend of compassionate understanding, grit and grace known by one who has victoriously walked the path. Listen and feel, for Ester’s message and song is a source of healing and inspiration.”

Scot A. Hurley – Development Officer – Father Martin’s Ashley Treatment Center:

“Feedback following the Father Martin Ashley event was universally effusive, with many using the terms, ‘powerful,’ ‘exceptional,’ ‘riveting’ and more to describe Ester’s presentation. The experience was nothing short of mesmerizing.”

Kim Nuzzo Director, Solutions Program Jaywalker Lodge Carbondale, Colorado:

“Ester Nicholson, was our featured guest performing artist at the Jaywalker Lodge annual, Fourth of July Celebration. Ester was terrific as a workshop leader, performer and inspirational speaker. Clients at our treatment center who are now alumni living in the community often remind me of the morning talk where she shared her experience, strength and hope with clients struggling with addiction issues.”

Julie Silver, MD – Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School:

“Ester has an amazing story to share that resonates with anyone who has faced adversity. She is inspirational and sings like an angel.”

Bonnie Kleissle, Administrative Director Blessing Hospital Cancer Program, Quincy, IL:

“Our community was so immensely moved by Ester’s performance that we continue to be asked about her return. Ms. Nicholson has displayed a high degree of integrity, purpose, and faith. In addition to her excellent musical accomplishments, she has proven her ability to inspire people and reach out to the audience through her motivational talks and personal experience. Ms. Nicholson would be a positive element to any event, and I am happy to give her my wholehearted endorsement.”

Ann Buchanan, President/CEO United Way of Nashville:

“I had the distinct pleasure of having Ester Nicholson as my keynote speaker for the annual luncheon/fundraiser for the United Way of Williamson County women’s group. We had about 400 in attendance and Ester was not only captivating with her energy and talent but she was also very inspirational in delivering her message. Ester was extremely easy to work with in preparing for the event and made it a priority to make sure that her message was one that would resonate with the audience to whom she was speaking. Her beautiful voice and heartfelt message through her song was a wonderful gift to those in attendance and a rare addition that most event goers don’t expect.”

Brenda Russell Toni Award Winning Songwriter for The Color Purple:

“The first time I heard Ester Nicholson sing, I cried like a baby. The term angelic is thrown around so easily, but when it comes to Ester, she truly does have the voice of an angel. This new CD of hers is so much fun to listen to and has a healing quality rarely found in today’s music. I recommend her to anyone who loves good, soulful music and a powerful, moving vocalist combined…”

Rev. Kathianne Lewis Senior Minister & Spiritual Director CSL Seattle:

“Ester brought the house down! Her talk was relatable, funny, and poignant. Her singing was engaging and powerful. She received standing ovations in both of our Sunday services.”

Rev. Jamie Sanders Unity of Pensacola:

“To try and put into words the wonder and magic of Ester Nicholson is a difficult undertaking, but I will do my best. Ester Nicholson totally blew our congregation away with her music, her spirit and her open-heartedness. She is the real thing! She will not only feed the people who come to hear her sing, but she will touch their hearts with her spoken message as well. I highly, without hesitation, recommend her for your event. I am a huge fan and will not miss an opportunity to have her at Unity of Pensacola anytime she can fit us into her growing schedule. You will not soon forget this remarkable woman who is changing lives through her dedication to Spirit.”

Richard Burdick – Spiritual Director of Unity North, Atlanta:

“Ester Nicholson is a powerhouse speaker, singer and motivator. Her polished and professional presentation empowered our congregation and brought them to their feet.” 

Rev. Ahrianna Plattan – Unity of The Rockies:

“It is rare for me to take the time to endorse a speaker. I have high expectations and do not offer my recommendation unless I feel very confident that the person I am recommending can live up to what I share about them. Ester Nicholson is such a speaker! She “rocked the house!”

Cheryl Hintz:

“Ester Nicholson, wow, I was blown away. As the Oncology Resource Coordinator for Blessing Cancer Center, I attended the afternoon session celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness in October of 2008. I went to this event with some enthusiasm, but little expectation, and then Ester came on stage. She is lovely, down to earth and an amazing speaker and artist.”

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