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“Yes, You Do Have The Right To Change Your Mind”

How many times have you made an impulsive decision, without really thinking it through? Or perhaps someone talked you into something that you knew in your heart you didn’t really want to do – and once you took a little space from that person or situation, and cleared your head a bit, realized you had made a mistake?

Do you just go along with it, if it’s not where you really want to be, what you really want to do, and not where you even want to focus your energy?

That’s what most people do – just go along with it, while living a lie and becoming more and more stressed out, pissed off and resentful at themselves and everyone involved, because they are terrified of saying these four simple words:  “I’ve Changed My Mind.”  Continue reading ““Yes, You Do Have The Right To Change Your Mind””


Perfectionism and Your Life…

How’s your relationship going with yourself?  Is it loving, compassionate, honest, supportive and flexible?

Or are you at the bottom of the list when it comes to compassion and patience?

I had a powerful lesson about perfectionism the other day that released me from self-judgment, and reconnected me to my Higher Self in a way that I least expected.

You see, I have suffered from “perfectionism” in my work, my body image, my health, and relationships. It kind of made me an “all or nothing” kind of person. I used to think I was that way because I’m a Virgo, LOL.

Continue reading “Perfectionism and Your Life…”

Forgiving The Unforgivable With Your Spouse

How did you end up this way?

You came into your current relationship/marriage with high hopes and dreams.  You felt deep connection and commitment to your partner, and they expressed the same to you, and then WHAM!

They changed up on you!

And now you’re living a nightmare that just won’t end.

You have been betrayed, lied to, abandoned, dropped and/or replaced. They are not the person you thought you had married or committed your heart to.

And you’re stuck.  You don’t have the power or courage to leave, and you don’t have the power to stay. You’re in a vicious loop of indecision.

You are PISSED OFF and confused.  Yet, there you are, still in that toxic situation that is causing everyone involved nothing but pain, more anger and grief.

You might even hate yourself for STILL loving the person who hurt you so deeply.

Here are the reasons you believe you can’t leave:

  • It would hurt your children, and you can’t leave until they are in college
  • You have too much invested, financially and emotionally to leave now – even though staying is killing you
  • My spouse/partner will DIE without me – they need me.
  • I can’t support myself without my spouse/partner – they hold all the money.

Yet, I can’t forgive them and stay because:

  • I don’t want to give them a pass and condone being treated like a doormat.
  • It’s not safe to forgive them; I have to keep my guard up in order to protect myself
  • They might see how much I still love them – and I can’t risk that kind of vulnerability to a person who hurt me so deeply
  • If I forgive them, who will be accountable for what happened to me?
  • They have NEVER taken responsibility for their actions and apologized

Continue reading “Forgiving The Unforgivable With Your Spouse”

Walking Away from Someone You Really Care About

Are you listening to the signs?

Are you listening to your gut?

Or are you ignoring your intuition, hoping it’s wrong, and that your desire and longing for love conquers all?

Let me share with you my story about having the courage to walk away from someone I really cared about.

I met this guy on a flight back to Nashville. This was at a time in my life when I had totally surrendered to God, and was in the zone. I was feeling good, open, available and receptive to my Higher Power’s will in every area of my life – but looking for nothing specifically.

So I’m sitting in my seat on the airplane, minding my own business, when this really good looking guy plopped down in the seat right next to me. The next thing I knew, we were holding hands and looking deeply into each other’s eyes like long lost soul mates.

It was a magical two-hour flight. Continue reading “Walking Away from Someone You Really Care About”

How to like yourself when someone clearly doesn’t like you!

When someone just doesn’t like you – even though you’ve been kind to them – it’s a tough pill to swallow.

When someone creates a story about you – misjudges your intentions, talks about you behind your back or blackballs you from your own friends and family – it’s a really hard pill to swallow.

Your reactions are all over the map: You want to lash out; You want to convince them to see you for who you really are; You want to understand what you did that offended them on such a visceral level that this is their response. Maybe you’ve even asked them, “What in the heck did I do to you?”

And yet they refuse to discuss it with you. Continue reading “How to like yourself when someone clearly doesn’t like you!”

My First Step To Healing Everything

I am so honored to have my article featured in the nationally acclaimed Science of Mind Magazine in the January, as well as March, 2017 editions.

Here’s the backstory on the article:

The power of admitting powerlessness…

There are so many people who think that the word “powerlessness” only applies to those who are recovering from drug addiction, and this perception often blocks those suffering from other life diminishing stressors from having a true experience of surrender and relief. Continue reading “My First Step To Healing Everything”

Resentment – The #1 Killer

I thought for years that if I didn’t have the mother I had, I wouldn’t have been so screwed up. If I had boyfriends that were true and honest, I’d have felt loved. If I hadn’t gotten pregnant at sixteen, I’d get to do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. These mental chains held me in a self-imposed prison until I decided to set myself free through forgiveness and taking responsibility for the part I played in my own life. Continue reading “Resentment – The #1 Killer”

An Unexpected Gift

I was recently made an offer that blew my socks off. I thought, “this is just the boost my career needs, all of my problems will be solved, my life is going to be so much better,” and then – wham – the offer changed, and the rug was seemingly pulled out from under me.

I was on the floor with disappointment – I couldn’t understand why this opportunity had been dangled in front of me, just to be snatched away. In my distress I felt that I would’ve been better off if the offer had never been made. I was doing just fine, so I thought, without it. Continue reading “An Unexpected Gift”

Reclaiming Your Bad-Ass Sexy

“Oh My God, I hate my thighs! Is that a hair growing out of my chin? No, it’s three hairs growing out of my chin, and it’s friggin gray!!! Was that wrinkle on my forehead there yesterday? My tummy is sooo FAT! God, I feel like I’m going crazy! Maybe I should get a face-lift… I might still feel nuts, but at least I’d be beautiful – I’d be enough. Maybe if I lose weight, get liposuction and laser treatments for the hairs growing out of my chin, someone will want me – because then I’ll be perfect.” Continue reading “Reclaiming Your Bad-Ass Sexy”

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