Forgiving The Unforgivable With Your Spouse

How did you end up this way?

You came into your current relationship/marriage with high hopes and dreams.  You felt deep connection and commitment to your partner, and they expressed the same to you, and then WHAM!

They changed up on you!

And now you’re living a nightmare that just won’t end.

You have been betrayed, lied to, abandoned, dropped and/or replaced. They are not the person you thought you had married or committed your heart to.

And you’re stuck.  You don’t have the power or courage to leave, and you don’t have the power to stay. You’re in a vicious loop of indecision.

You are PISSED OFF and confused.  Yet, there you are, still in that toxic situation that is causing everyone involved nothing but pain, more anger and grief.

You might even hate yourself for STILL loving the person who hurt you so deeply.

Here are the reasons you believe you can’t leave:

  • It would hurt your children, and you can’t leave until they are in college
  • You have too much invested, financially and emotionally to leave now – even though staying is killing you
  • My spouse/partner will DIE without me – they need me.
  • I can’t support myself without my spouse/partner – they hold all the money.

Yet, I can’t forgive them and stay because:

  • I don’t want to give them a pass and condone being treated like a doormat.
  • It’s not safe to forgive them; I have to keep my guard up in order to protect myself
  • They might see how much I still love them – and I can’t risk that kind of vulnerability to a person who hurt me so deeply
  • If I forgive them, who will be accountable for what happened to me?
  • They have NEVER taken responsibility for their actions and apologized

Hey beloved, if this sounds like you, I believe I can help you out of this mess that you find yourself in.  Why? Because I’ve been there, and I have developed spiritual and emotional tools that can get you BACK TO YOUR REAL BAD ASSED SELF and on your feet again.

I’ve used the same no-nonsense, down to the nitty-gritty, yet compassionate healing process with thousands of clients around the world that I used to set myself free.

You are not only stuck in a relationship  with the person you feel abandoned, rejected and betrayed by,  you are stuck in an unhealthy relationship with yourself.

I can help you with that!

Am I the spiritual counselor for you?  I don’t know… probably if you’ve read this blog to this point and feeling a resonance, probably – but I really don’t know.

Let’s jump on the phone together and figure it out.  Let’s have you do a private call with me to see if what I offer can really serve you and make a difference in your life.


You’re not gambling anything, and have absolutely nothing to lose – but TONS to gain.

In our session, here’s what I promise you:

  • Crystal clarity about what’s going on with you – unedited, straight from the hip, honest talk
  • A short process to get you immediate relief on the call
  • Immediate steps you can use to move forward whether you continue to work with me or not

One of three things is going to happen at the end of our call:

  • You will either make a bold decision to move forward with me in my three month Soul Recovery Program
  • You’ll get such clarity and peace of mind in your free session with me, you won’t feel the need to go any further
  • Nothing I said really resonated for you, but we had a pleasant chat, and we bid each other farewell.

See, nothing to lose, only TONS to gain either way.

Here are my final thoughts – We’re going to discover together on this call, where you’re at now, where you want to go, what’s possible for you, and where you’re going to end up if you’re ready to do the work.

Email me at, and let’s set up some time together.

Loving you always,


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