Perfectionism and Your Life…

How’s your relationship going with yourself?  Is it loving, compassionate, honest, supportive and flexible?

Or are you at the bottom of the list when it comes to compassion and patience?

I had a powerful lesson about perfectionism the other day that released me from self-judgment, and reconnected me to my Higher Self in a way that I least expected.

You see, I have suffered from “perfectionism” in my work, my body image, my health, and relationships. It kind of made me an “all or nothing” kind of person. I used to think I was that way because I’m a Virgo, LOL.

Well, Virgo’s are pretty hard nuts to crack.

Yet, it’s a very hard way to live, and I wasn’t being very kind to myself, sometimes even in my spiritual practice.

I thought that excellence and perfection was the same thing.  But they operate at very different frequencies. One has to do with your intention and the other has to do with your perception of worthiness.

I had this erroneous belief that I should maintain a perfect spiritual practice of prayer and meditation, and be able to connect at the deepest level ALL THE TIME, even if I was feeling fatigued or under the weather.  And if my body was telling me to REST in God versus LABORING in prayer and meditation, then I hadn’t gotten it right, and was doing something wrong.  I thought that I even had to be perfect to pray!


We are so much harder on ourselves, than the Divine could ever be. It is right there within you, whether you’re having what YOU THINK should be a powerful meditation or not.

You can’t make yourself surrender – no matter how hard to try, but you can make yourself available to surrender.  You don’t have to make God happen, and you don’t have to struggle for God or your Higher Power.  Just allow yourself to be receptive to the love, the wisdom, the clarity that is still right where you are, even in your most disconnected times.

Yes, discipline, consistency and focus is important for a successful life. But there are some days when you just “don’t have it”, and trying to force it, blocks creativity and flow.  So, if on any given day, you just don’t have it in you to sit for thirty minutes a few times a day and meditate (what I THOUGHT I had to do), how about just lighting some candles, putting on some relaxing music, stay off the internet as much as possible, lay back and allow yourself to rest and just BE!

If you can’t go full steam ahead in your chosen profession or purpose today, how about choosing just one or two things that you can do, and give thanks that you have the ability to do that?

If you can’t detox from the internet altogether, how about limiting yourself to one hour, or watching one movie instead of five in a row?

Flexibility, self-love, gentleness and self-honesty are just as key to a successful life as discipline and consistency.

Do the very best you can at any given moment and give the rest to your Higher Power. Tomorrow is another day. And remember, you don’t have to be perfect for the Universe – It already knows that you are amazing!

You’re worthy of your own kindness, compassion and patience.

Meditation Gift To You:

Take three deep slow healing breaths, through your nose,  from the base of your spine to the top of your head – hold it there for a few seconds – now release.

Speak this meditation into your heart:

“I enter this place in consciousness where I let go of all of the ways in which I keep myself stuck. I let go of trying to control every aspect of my life. I am safe to just be. I allow the fullness of my Higher Power’s peace that passes all understanding to water me with love where I feel dry and brittle from the effort to be perfect. I allow the softness of the Universe to gently guide me to soften towards myself. I let go of self-judgment, any sense of unworthiness, and any belief that I have to struggle for perfection. I now come into the sweet realization that I am loved, cherished and adored by the Universe just as I am. And it is from this place that I am guided to divine right action, and divine right inaction. I am safe to be in the stillness. It is safe to let go and allow the unconditional love and acceptance of the Universe to flow through me right now. I am grateful and thankful.”

And so it is. Amen

I love you

An invitation from Ester

If this is the time in your life to dive deeper into your healing than you’ve ever gone before, or it’s time to let go of the life diminishing habit of perfectionism,  let’s hop on the phone together for a FREE discovery session to see where you are, and where you want to go. Soul Recovery is the process that I have used and continue to use to heal the issues I have been so transparent about in my teachings – IT WORKS! Feel free to email me to set up a time to talk.

Ester, your words sneak in past all my objections, cynicisms and suspicions to find my wisdom mind and heart, and seep in there…crack, shatter, I feel old stuff breaking off and falling away . And I think. . . maybe there’s a chance for me to heal. Yes. I am filled with gratitude for your voice, for every message, for every word…” – Elisabeth (Kansas City)

One thought on “Perfectionism and Your Life…

  1. Ester, I am engaging with your book, having new insights and waking up more to the God that lives me. Thank you…I am so grateful!!
    Lexington KY


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