My First Step To Healing Everything

I am so honored to have my article featured in the nationally acclaimed Science of Mind Magazine in the January, as well as March, 2017 editions.

Here’s the backstory on the article:

The power of admitting powerlessness…

There are so many people who think that the word “powerlessness” only applies to those who are recovering from drug addiction, and this perception often blocks those suffering from other life diminishing stressors from having a true experience of surrender and relief.

Relief from what?  

Relief from bondage of the spiritual, emotional and physical chains that have tethered our minds to a state of confusion, resentment, fear, and unworthiness.

I have had the experience of being “tethered” for long periods of time in my own life. Enslaved to my limited perceptions of “it has to be a certain way, or it’s not right”, in bondage to fear and worry, and then creating the reality of that fear and worry into tangible experiences.  My mind tethered to fixed and outdated ideas that recycled the same painful experiences over and over again – in every area of my life.

I fought tooth and nail to NOT admit powerlessness over my life. I raged against the fact that based on my negative thinking and toxic patterns, that my life had become unmanageable.

I couldn’t control my thinking, my emotions, my food intake or my sabotaging pattern of  procrastination. My life was spinning out of control – and this was after recovering from drug addiction!


The day came when I finally hit my bottom.  My fearful, resentful, chronically-worried thinking had kicked my butt into a state of willingness that I had never experienced before.  My repetitive negative patterns that had me making the same empty promises to myself had beaten me into such a state of reasonableness that I was ready to do ANYTHING that would give me relief,  peace of mind and a chance at the life I wanted.

I admitted with every fiber of my being, that I was powerless!

I never thought I’d see the day when I’d jump for joy by making that admission.  But there I was: “Yay!!! I’m powerless!” What a relief to realize I didn’t have to do this by myself anymore; I didn’t have to figure out how to have a great life from a diminished perspective anymore; I didn’t have to do ANYTHING but GET OUT OF MY OWN WAY.

The moment I got out of my own way and out of my Higher Power’s way, by admitting that “of myself I can do nothing,” my mind and heart opened to new possibility, clarity, peace, guidance and direction.

You are not weak by admitting powerlessness.  You are breaking free from the bondage of your own self-will.  And from that place, get ready because you’re about to ROCK!

Be sure to pick up the Science of Mind Magazine today to read the article!

I love you,



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