Perfectionism and Your Life…

How’s your relationship going with yourself?  Is it loving, compassionate, honest, supportive and flexible? Or are you at the bottom of the list when it comes to compassion and patience? I had a powerful lesson about perfectionism the other day that released me from self-judgment, and reconnected me to my Higher Self in a way […]

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My First Step To Healing Everything

I am so honored to have my article featured in the nationally acclaimed Science of Mind Magazine in the January, as well as March, 2017 editions. Here’s the backstory on the article: The power of admitting powerlessness… There are so many people who think that the word “powerlessness” only applies to those who are recovering […]

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Resentment – The #1 Killer

I thought for years that if I didn’t have the mother I had, I wouldn’t have been so screwed up. If I had boyfriends that were true and honest, I’d have felt loved. If I hadn’t gotten pregnant at sixteen, I’d get to do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. These mental chains held me in a self-imposed prison until I decided to set myself free through forgiveness and taking responsibility for the part I played in my own life.

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